Saturday, August 8, 2009


Any time one of my paintings finds a new home, I include a short biography, and I wanted to share that with all of you who are reading my blog.

Welcome to my mind...catch a glimpse of dreams and nightmares that haunt me. See a painting for what it is and you may get the whole story. Then see it again within it's continuity and you might discover something entirely new. My art comes from deep within; its raw and visceral. I don't explain my work because I feel it has an individual impact.
I am a self taught and self repersenting artist. My work is influenced by the work of some of my favorite artists: Basquait, Matt Sesow, Chagall, and Richard Silva of Fresno, CA.

I was born in Texas in the year of '43, and have dabbled in art as long as I could remember. For my work I use acrylics, oils, ink, layers of newspaper, tape, house paint, spray paint, and a wide variety of other elements that just happen to come between me and my palette. What inspires me while working in my studio is beyond me. It just comes...and I go with the flow. My work is in the homes of collectors in the US and abroad.

I know that in my bio I state I don't explain my work, however, in this blog I will give you a glimpse of my motivation and meaning behind some of my pieces. Please check back frequently for more updated meanings and art.


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