Thursday, September 3, 2009

Art Hop

For the past year I have been attending Fresno's Monthly Art Hop. With the mission to "enhance people's lives through art," Art Hop is an event that one should not miss out on. Featuring over 60 art venues in Fresno, Art Hop is a great way to spend the evening. Please visit their website for more information

Now onto some pictures from the Sept 3rd Art Hop.

We made a quick stop at Richard Silva's studio. If you haven't had a chance to stop by, you definitely should. His work is incredible and one of my biggest inspirations and has offered me so much guidance.

This is a picture of me looking at a portrait of Chris M. Sorensen, a well known artist from Fresno, CA. His work is truly amazing.

Started visting studios at 5 pm till 9 pm . The weather was nice the only thing wrong is we ran out of time. Our last stop was at Studio 74 had to see Hida Vandergriff work. I had a great evening with a lot of art and wine. Remember don't drink and drive, it is a great idea to car pool and have a designated driver.

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